Content Creation

The Offer:

New Media Travel/Travel Video PostCard proposes creating 3-5, 1-1/12 minute, sound-rich Travel Video PostCards for your destination or property, and related Social Network and Distribution services.
  • Through the power of video, key search words, strategic uploads and viral distribution and blog posts, these TVP’s and posts will bring your destination’s travel experience to life, and encourage travelers to visit.
  • NMT also provides Travel Audio Postcards distributed across popular industry blogs and NMT’s iTunes podcast.
  • NMT can offer blog coverage in some of the travel industry’s most coveted content hubs such as Technorati, Travel Weekly, Trip Advisor and Family Travel Forum.

Paid Options:

Millions of eyes see our content across the web. If you’re going to fly us out to create it, you and your local tourist destinations might as well take advantage of the paid opportunities we offer:

  • Sponsored Links within our blog posts and videos
  • Product placement within our TVPs
  • Premium distribution of TVPs and TAPs
  • Advertising placement


Each fully produced TVP will cost $1,500.00.
 This assumes access to useable B Roll on the destination or property.
 Destinations are typically very happy to pass on their B Roll since it allows them to generate further distribution from their initial production costs.

We may produce these at no cost if the TVP is a review of a destination or property that we personally visit.
 When necessary, a destination or property will pick up all costs for a one, two-person trip for 2-5 days to gather sound, interview travelers, shoot stills and video and authenticate the experience.

Included in the Cost

  • Uploading to all major Video Channels including YouTube, Yahoo, Metacafe, MSNBC, etc.
  • Providing “key words” to insure best VSEO (video search engine optimization)
  • One full report on relevant analytics (viewer numbers, global embeddings, age/gender of viewers, global location of viewers, etc.)
 Our German TVP, for example, is carried by 85,000 web pages, sites and blogs, with an average viewer age of between 45-57.
  • Designation of 1- 2 TVPs as “Video of the Month” sent to approximately 30,000 Travel Professionals as a branded TVP HTML mailer.
  • At least one blog post to TVP’s Blog Site (with video). When accessed through the HTML mailer, the blog typically receives 3-4,000 views.
  • Relevant Tweets to TVP’s Twitter follows.

Additional Optional Costs

  • $300.00 per TVP for uploading clean copy of each TVP to industry publication leaders, Travel Weekly, Trip Advisor and Family Travel Forum.
  • $200 per TVP to place a real-time, client promo message (annotation) on each TVP so the live-linked message circulates as the TVPs circulate and embed globally.
 These “annotations” link back to the client’s YouTube page or can be a non-live promo message with the client’s message and web site
  • $200.00 to include the TVP in blog post on the hugely popular web portal, Technorati and the travel-oriented web site, Tripatini
  • $100.00 for Twitter links to Travel Weekly (TVP videos) Family Travel Forum (TVP blog post, videos and audio), Trip Advisor (TVP branded videos) and Technorati (TVP branded videos and/or blog post).
  • $100 per TVP to create a separate Audio Postcard for Blog/Podcast play on iTunes.
  • $3,000 to create or improve branding on an existing client YouTube page, converting it into a YouTube Partner page with branding opportunities, links to Social Net sites and support in adding travel videos and images to the page
  • $150.00 per additional report on metrics

Interested? We’re happy to discuss with you and your team.

Phone: (617) 818-1432