Croatia-Dubrovnik: 1 Min Video PostCard

Lord Byron, the famous English poet, called the great walled city of Dubrovnik the pearl of the Adriatic

From the geometry of Dubrovniks tiled roofs

to Dubrovniks graceful and placid harbor,

The medieval city of Dubrovnik rings with the sounds of history (Bell), surprises with elegant architecture, and delights with its arches and artistic flourishes
One of the most beautiful towns on the Mediterranean, Dubrovnik sits at the end of the Dalmatian coast, and is the gem of Croatia

But Dubrovnik is very much a living city, alive with the energy of

Your people gathering along Dubrovniks walls by night and markets flourishing as they probably did centuries ago

And walking the maim street, Dubrovniks Stradun is everyone’s favorite pastime

Its difficult to believe this world Heritage site was bombed and held hostage by the of the Serbian armies,

But today Dubrovnik is a world class city

As regal as ever

and ever a magnet for curious traveler


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