TripAdvisor Names The World’s Dirtiest Hotels

TripAdvisor Names The World’s Dirtiest Hotels

It made the news at CNN a few hours ago.

Then Time NewsFeed picked up and amplified the story: TripAdvisor has just come out with its list of the top dirtiest hotels in the world.

And some of them are pretty bad.

Take the Aqua Gumbet Hotel in Turkey or rather in this case don’t take it.

This Aegean Sea hotel had 121 “terrible” reviews and is considered by TripAdvisor to be the worst in Europe. Probably because the pool fills with sewer water regularly and the staff, according to one review, were “filthy looking.”

But the Grand Resort Hotel and Convention Center in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, didn’t do much better. With hair and, as one guest said, “a 1/2 inch of dirt in the tub,” it’s no wonder the Grand received 87% “Do Not Recommends” from guests.

I saw the general manager on CNN promising to clean the mess up and “make the hotel Grand again,” but candidly, he wasn’t especially convincing…nor especially grand.

The second worse US hotel is the Jack London Inn in Oakland, California, where one guest wrote that he (or she) had to buy socks so his feet wouldn’t touch the floor.

In India, the Hotel Namaskar in New Delhi,claims to be “one of the highly recommended hotels in guide books for India,” but Time reports that “the windows were covered with pieces of old newspaper and lots of dirt.”

Then there’s the hotel with “dead roaches all over the hotel. That’s the Desert Inn Resort in Daytona Beach, Florida.

And so it goes.

TripAdvisor doesn’t actually say their staff has visited and inspected these properties, but they base their “2011 Dirtiest Hotels” list on guest reviews and their own algorithmic filter process.

Want more?

See the rest of the “dirty dozen,” or so on TripAdvisor.

And stay away.


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