Can You Trust The Hotel Baby Sitter?

Can You Trust The Hotel Baby Sitter?

So, you’re on the road for a family vacation. You’ve done lots of family-friendly things and now you and your significant other want a night out. Or at least a dinner in the hotel’s much touted dinning room.

But who’ll watch the kids?

Hotels will often provide staff sitters or the names of agencies that they do business with who do sit for kinds while the parents are out.

But the question nags: How safe are your kids in the hands of a stranger …and how do parents choose a sitter they can trust when they hit the road?

Most good hotels and resorts offer kids clubs and baby-sitting services for vacationing families, giving mom and dad a badly needed night out.

The good news is that the majority of child-care providers are reliable and trustworthy. Still, some precautions are necessary.

In some cases hotels offer their staffs as baby sitters. But most now recommend two or three outside agencies. Experts say never leave your child in the care of just one adult. But since sitters don’t come in pairs, what to do?

Be sure the potential sitter has worked at the hotel before and sat for staff members.

Check to see that the agency screens and fingerprints sitters… and always ask for references.

Of course you’ll leave instructions, cell phone numbers and will check back frequently.

You’ll also want to check prices because the costs vary with the number of children, their ages and the length of time.

Giving one of your kids one of your cell phones can be reassuring, and try to be back to put them to bed.

Then, relax. It’s your night out!


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