Men and Women Travel Differently. Here’s How

Men and women are different. Who dares argue the point?

So it’s no surprise that we now know they travel differently, seeking different travel experiences.

A USA Today article “Where the Boys are Not,” reports that 88% of women surveyed said they had plans for a no-men-allowed getaway.

And these are not Desperate Housewives either!

To accommodate women travelers, many hotels offer separate wings for women, and special amenities in women-only rooms with features like all female room service staff and special lighting.

And Fairmont hotels, typically a “trend setter,” often offers “Ladies only Pajama Party Weekends,” and “Girlfriend Getaway” trips.

But specifically, what is it that women travelers want that guys don’t?

A lot, says one Fairmont executive.

She says that women like to shop much more than their male partners, and unless the guys find something equally satisfying, there’s usually tension around traveling.

Another travel consultant noted that women seem more relaxed, energized after a weekend of women-only conversation and activity.

One misperception was quickly dispelled: Women don’t just travel alone because they have no partner.

They just want time with other women. And since women control the majority of household income in the U.S., it stands to reason they have a lot to say when planing the travel experience

But the travel differences go beyond mother and daughter spa dates, or holing up in a hotel with long time girl friends to catch up on and renew friendships.

The American Consumer reported in the popular travel blog, Gadling, that there are major difference between men and women’s travel styles.

For example:
• Women tend to plan travel for their spouses or partner more than men do for theirs
• More women than men said their last vacation was to another country
• Women prefer guided tours to independent travel more than men
• Women travelers are more likely to recommend a favorite spot than guys are
• And women seem to enjoy researching a trip more than men do

Unfortunately, but understandably, women are more concerned with security issues on the road twice as much as men.

Technorati, in a February article, reported that men and women travelers actually get ill on the road differently.

Author Don Martelli noted a University of Zurich study claiming that women are likely to come down with diarrhea, colds, gastrointestinal problems and adverse reactions to medicines.

Men tend to get ill from fevers, infections, vertigo and infectious diseases.

Want more?

The Thong Also Rises, a book by by Jennifer Leo, is a fun collection of misadventures “from funny women on the road.”

Men may think otherwise.


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