Short Skirts, Bikini Tops Cause More Car Crashes

Short Skirts, Bikini Tops Cause More Car Crashes

You know it’s summer and a slow news season when the web site, Insurance News, tells us that men get into more car accidents in the summer than in the winter.

They get into more car crashes generally, but much more so in the summer, says Sheila’s Wheels, a British-based insurance company for women.

Why? Because men are ogling women when they should be driving.

Summer brings out the short skirts, the low cut blouses and sexy bikini tops, and that apparently brings out men’s libidos, resulting in 16 % more men crashing cars in July and August.

Actually, the men admit it. Insurance News says that a whopping 29% of men say they’re distracted by women in revealing summer clothes, and that they definitely, compulsively, stare at them.

According to Sheila’s Wheels, only 4% of women admit to ogling men wearing whatever it is that men wear in the summer.

No surprise there.

Of course it’s not just all that skin that causes men to take their eyes off the road. Apparently men are more territorial when they drive, taking unnecessary risks and speeding more than women.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that male drivers are consistently “overrepresented in fatal crashes, with young men accounting for the highest risk.”

Rick Rader, an institute spokesperson said that contrary to popular myth, women are by far safer drivers.

Getting back to short skirts and summer time accidents, Anne Flemming of a consumer car rating site, wryly notes that men’s brains work differently than women’s.

“Women,” she said, “ just don’t have the same rubberneck tendencies when a skirt walks across the street. Men have to learn to keep their eyes on the road!”

Guilty, anyone?



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