Who Took The “Sexy” Out Of Hotel Stays?

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Who Took The “Sexy” Out of Hotels

In search of romantic couples or couples seeking a romantic stay, a couple of years ago hotels promoted “intimacy kits” in their mini bars.
Happily the Thompson Hotel in New York still stocks its mini bars with condoms, cinnamon mints, scented cloths, personal lubricants and feather ticklers for libidinous couples.
But a spokesperson cooly downplayed their availability by telling me they don’t promote the kits any more, not the way they used to. “They’re just there for the client’s use, if they want to use them,” she said.

These “intimacy kits” were big come-on’s a few years ago, when everything was looking up, and a bit rosier. Hotels worked to promote “sexy stays” for couples looking for romance, intimacy or maybe even a little raunch during their hotel get-aways.

But I’ve read that economic stress can take the heat out of romance. The unemployed are just not that frisky, it seems. So when I called The James hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona, which once promoted their intimacy kits as “ anticipating the needs of our clients,” I was told the hotel closed!

And the Sagamore Hotel in Miami once offered a “Shag Bag” with Pinnacle horny goat weed (“a natural aphrodisiac”), colored condoms and an assortment of lubrication and massage oils. But here too I was told, again cooly, that “these sorts of things no loner exist.”

Is it the economy, or have we become more prudish?

In its list of top ten web sites, Entrepreneur Magazine described Mr. and Mrs Smith of mr.andmrs.smith.com as “a young English couple dedicated to finding good “sneak-away places for clandestine lovers.”
But besides being a 1941 Hitchcock film (and one starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) the eponymous web site just lists classy boutique hotels with no hint of sexual innuendo.

But travel can be an aphrodisiac.
The Travel Industry of America says that 20% of travel is for romantic purposes, and hotels do offer romantic inducements like flowers, chocolates and breakfasts in bed, although not quite the same thing.

And while the hotelsexguide.com talks sexy, they offer no examples of sexyt places to stay.

Hotel Chatter does have an old posting about intimacy kits for guests, but we turned up no hotels with mirrors on the ceilings or aphrodisiacs on the pillow. Just mints

So, until the economy turns frisky, we’ll hope for a romantic stay, maybe great service, and who knows what that will lead to.

What’s the sexiest hotel you’ve stayed in?


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