Airlines Impose New Summer Surcharge Fees

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Airlines Add Fees For Summer Travel

When will it end?
Ten to thirty bucks more is what you’ll be paying this summer as airlines impose a surcharge for flying on peak travel days… except this summer, all days are “peak flying days,” that’s 73 of 74 days on most flights from June 10 to August 22. reported that the surcharges apply for each-way domestic flights, which means a family of four could pay an additional $250.00 for air travel.

A surcharge, usually around $10.00, is common for Tuesday and Wednesday travel with a $20.00 surcharge usually tacked on for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday travel. Sunday, the week’s busiest day, typically carries a $30.00 surcharge.

USA Today in the Sky points out that travelers don’t see these charges because they’re included in the ticket price for more convenient tracking purposes by the airlines, or to lessen the risk of incurring the ire of customers.

The reaction from the traveling public was swift and angry with on line comments comparing airline pricing policies to a hotel’s charging extra for using the elevator or AC or hot water. The possibility that hotels might actually charge for these, made the humor a little less funny.

Other angry comments called for more government regulation, which could happen if fliers’ frustration with the airline’s constant “nickel and diming” of passengers results in Congressional hearings, an anathema for the airline industry.

WCBSTV, New York, confirmed that while the big five airlines (American, Delta, Continental United and US Airways) will add the summer surcharge (except the 4th of July, the year’s slowest traffic day), it also reported that so far Jet Blue and SouthWest are not on board with the higher fares. Said Jet Blue’s Executive VP, Robin Hayes, “We don’t apply surcharges, The fare is the fare… (but) fares are higher.”

Consumers, already staggering under the weight of complex of fees for blankets, bags, food, and pillows, are now being asked to shop more wisely for cheaper fares, like book flights at 3 p.m. on Tuesdays when the airlines first file their fees for the week and are, very,very briefly, lower.

Will the Summer surcharge affect your travel plans?


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