Happy Airports Make Money

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Happy Airports Make More Money

It’s basic economics: happy airport customers spend more money in the airport’s retail shops than do unhappy ones.

In fact, global marketing and information giant J.D. Power and Associates says happy passengers spend an average of $20.55 on airport retail purchases, or 45 percent more than the grumpy ones, who spend only $14.12 on airport retail shops and eateries.

But, the report says only a small percentage of passengers (9 percent) are “truly happy ” with their airport experience.
No surprise there.
A list of what annoys airline passengers would be very long, and easy to prepare, but flight delays, rude staff and the inferior quality and design of the nation’s airports top the list.

Internet access at airports may be fun and increase productivity, but what matters to passengers is being able to get in and out of an airport comfortably.
The basic requirements for happy travelers?: Speed of baggage delivery, ease of check-in, comfort in airport terminals, and the amount of time required for security check.
These procedures can make or break a passengers experience with an airport, and determine how much money he or she spends in the shops.

Of course not all airport are created equally bad or good
J.D. Power developed a score card to grade the nation’s airlines, based on check-in, airport accessibility, food and retail services, baggage handling and staff courtesies.

The winners:
• Large Airports:
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County ranks highest in overall customer satisfaction, followed by Denver International and Minneapolis/St. Paul International.
• Medium Airports
Kansas City International ranks tops, followed by Portland International and Tampa International . Portland does well in the food and retail services department while Tampa is cited for its easy to use terminal facilities
• Small Airports
Indianapolis International Airport ranks highest and performs best in check-in/baggage check, security check in. Fort Myers/Southwest Florida International and Tucson International also place in the top tier

Finally, what vexes travelers the most in the air, in airports, at car rental companies and hotels is rude or unhelpful staff.

Boorish or unhelpful behavior by employees is the least tolerated travel sin, and that should be an easy thing to fix in the hospitality industry.

Are you treated badly more often than not?


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