Sex in the Sky: Is There Really a Mile High Club?

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Sex in the Sky: There Really Is a Mile High Club!

Apparently, the first person to have sex in an airplane (and the probable origin of the Mile High Club) was a daring and presumably nimble pilot, Lawrence Sperry, a genius of an engineer and inventor of the auto-pilot, necessary of course for a sexual adventure in the air.

The lucky lady allegedly was one Mrs. Waldo Polk, whose husband was off driving an ambulance in France.

The memorable year: 1916

So, is the Mile High Club just an enduring (and endearing) urban legend based on bragging and wishful thinking?

The idea of couples coupling in their seats or in a lavatory a mile high in the sky (the requirement for membership) makes sense, we suppose, because, as one wag said, sex takes place in cars, taxis, boats so why not planes?

The staid Wikipedia claims “there is no known formally constituted club so named.”

We disagree.

There are some 16 million Google results from the search “Mile High Club” and we called an airline that admits to offering flights for sex so participants can qualify for membership.

At BoomBoomPlane between giggles and laughter, a young lady did in fact confirm they offer sex flights, and she assured me the couples had lots of privacy and comfort in the back of the plane.

The cost: $1000 an hour. No fractions of an hour allowed.

And we think the Mile High Club web site is pretty close to an official one, with its tales, instructional video and list of Mile High Flight Referrals.

Super jumbo jets make sex in the sky easier with their private cabins, sofa, washing facilities, and double beds, at least for those who can afford it.

Those in the know say the altitude and vibration of the plane stimulate the libido. Others say being away from home and the thrill of the forbidden is the big turn on.

When you get the urge, remember, if you’re caught, you can be arrested for lewdness and other such charges, so check out the tips on the site.

Confession time: Are you a member of the Mile High Club? Wanna be one?


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