Deerfield, Massachusetts: Leave it to the Native Americans

We think it’s great that many of the colonial settlers in historic Deerfield, MA, who were taken captive by “attacking” Native American tribes opted not to return to the ways of the “white man.”

Perhaps the women and men were more emancipated under tribal rule than colonial law!

But we’re ahead of ourselves here.

So, It wasn’t always this tranquil… this mile long stretch of tree lines shaded streets and bucolic countryside.

Life in Deerfield, Massachusetts in 1671 was all about working the land and cooking on open hearth fires using the best produce this fertile valley produced…

But these historic houses have many stories to tell, especially the one about the 1704 raid during by French and Indian allies.

From HIstoric Deerfield

Lives were lost. Settlers were taken captive… and many never returned preferring perhaps the freer life of the native tribes.

And it’s tempting to wonder whether the Native Americans were justified in the war to reclaim this land.

The old Memorial Hall Museum tells the story best.

From HIstoric Deerfield

The Deerfield Inn anchors the historic town, its white pillars and bright flowers …small town icons.

From HIstoric Deerfield

Butterflies drift in a nearby Butterfly farm.

And stately Deerfield Academy welcomes the sons and daughters of the rich and famous.

Come to Deerfield, Massachusetts, find out what’s cooking on the open hearth of history

Images: Wendie Hansen


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