GrandTravel: Grandparents on the Go

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No more leaving the kids with The Grandparents. Today the grandparents are on the road…and taking the grandkids with them.

When Helena Koenig, owner and president of Grandtravel in Chevy Chase, MD., offered her first trip for grandparents and their grandkids back in 1987, she had thirty takers for her 4 itineraries.

Today, the pioneer of Grandtravel (now part of Academic Travel Abroad) offers twenty trips to upwards of four hundred grandfamilies, and her business just keeps growing.

Koenig’s philosophy is simple but compelling: Today’s grandparents live more active and independent lives than did their own, and are looking for creative ways to strengthen ties with their grandchildren.

“So, why not,” she says, “offer an exciting idea – travel together as Grandtravelers!”

With 65% of Americans over age 48 already a grandparent, and 95,000 Americans becoming new grandparents every month, it’s obvious why inter- or multi-generational travel is on the rise.

After five trips with Grandtravel, George Martin in Mocksville, NC., can’t wait for the next one and he says he may have to rent a grandchild.

Koenig and her staff realize that grandparents and their younger charges have decidedly different emotional and physical needs, so the company’s itineraries feature activities that the grandchildren will enjoy with other grandchildren…but there are also activities marked “Grandparents Only.”

Grandtravel offers a wide range of national and international trips designed by educators and travel specialists to balance the needs and stimulate the sense of adventure of these intergenerational travelers.

Who Can Go?
Grandchildren of any age, but ages 7 to 17 are ideal.

Accommodations & Meals
• Most meals are provided
• Grandtravelers can share rooms, opt for adjoining rooms when available or separate ones. Most are doubles, but extra beds are usually available.

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