Forced to Travel for Medical Attention!

Forced to Travel Abroad for Medical Attention?

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Interesting response to our Medical Tourism Blog from Adam who pointed out that dental treatment in many East European countries is very much cheaper than equivalent treatment here in the States. And Adam assures that the dentists or oral surgeons are as qualified as their US counterparts.

We don’t doubt it.

One article in Wired Magazine went into the topic in depth.

What really struck a nerve with many people was the observation that medical procedures abroad (India, Thailand, East Europe) are so much cheaper than equivalent medical treatment in the States, that insurance companies may require their clients to go abroad for certain medical procedures.

Now that’s provocative!

But think about it. If a hip replacement or coronary bypass procedure costs the insurance company several thousands of dollars less out of pocket, why wouldn’t the insurance company come up with two-tiered list of payments: One In Network and one Out of Network…

Except the “In Network” health care provider is abroad! And India is the leading provider of foreign medical treatment, and has posted a 21% increase in tourism.


So, one has a choice. But not really.

Far fetched?

Maybe. But if people are traveling anyway, and they are, stopping off for a hip operation overseas, it not only saves the travelers and the insurance company money, but could pay for the trip.

Would that be the insurance company’s argument: see the Taj Mahal and get a new heart valve?

Or else??


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