Dude Ranches: Sexy Cowboy Life

Dude Ranches are cool and Dude Ranches can be very sexy.

The lean cowboys and cowgirls sitting astride their big horses, long hair whipping in the wind, chaps fitted snugly on long legs and the rhythm of riding the range is Dude Ranch to perfection.

Dude Ranches are very much a love affair between people and horses; nature and space…and the Marlboro-type guys and gal who take care of the horses and lead the riders.

This is a fantasy vacation.

The ranches are also perfect family travel vacations and ideal adventure travel holidays. It’s fun to see kids from all over the country bond around a camp fire or sit with their parents at meal times and excitedly share experiences.

Almost always in Colorado, up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, surrounded by thousands of acres of meadows and streams, the experience, while certainly not the wild, wild west of yesterday, is pretty authentic.

A lot of time, in fact almost all of the time, is spent on trail rides and learning about horsemanship.

But the ranches also also offer Fly Fishing and Alpine Hiking or Alpine Skiing in the winter, or Clay Pigeon shooting.

Some Dude Ranches are elegant, like Devils Thumb Ranch in Tabernash, Colorado or Family oriented like C Lazy U in Granby, Colorado.

Forget the “chuck wagon” meals of beans and hardtack. Dude Ranches have sophisticated cuisine, a terrific wine list and are culinary experiences all by themselves!


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