Why You Can Fly Free..and other things!

Why Travel (and anything else) Can Be Free
By Kaleel Sakakeeny with credit to Wired Magazine

King Gillette had the idea first: Give the razor away but charge for the blade.

That’s how airplane tickets can cost nothing.
Give the airline ticket away for free. But charge for everything else.

How else could Dublin-based Ryanair charge 1.3 million passengers just $20.00 to fly from London to Barcelona. That’s cheaper than a cab fare from my house to the airport.
Give the razor away but charge for the blade.
Ryanair charges for in-flight food and drinks. It collects fees on checked baggage and pre-boarding. They get a per cent of car and hotel bookings through the web site, and they board and off-load passengers right on the tarmac. They also fly into less costly airports.
Then there’s the fee you pay for using your credit card, and very soon the airline will allow cell phones…and collect a hefty per minute fee from all those texters and chatterers.
Perhaps they’ll actually have gambling on the plane, collect a commission on the winnings and give the tickets away completely.
Busses are now getting into the act, specifically Megabus, a New Jersey-based company that offers $1.00 tickets on is bus routes, especially the coveted Boston to New York route scheduled to begin May 30.
That’s cool, except Megabus guarantees only least one seat at one buck. Maybe a few more, but it varies from route to route.
Then there’s the fifty cent charge for booking. That’s not bad, but if you make a phone reservation, it’ll cost you $3.00. Still not bad and that’s how the airlines do it.
Top price will run about $25.00 one way, lower than Greyhound tickets that run typically $ 33.00 for one way.
They’ll be wireless internet connection and movies for the 4 plus hour trip.
I anticipate a luggage charge, fee for on board services, maybe a fuel surchage…
Give the razor away and charge for the blade!

Kaleel Sakakeeny


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