San Antonio: Magic for Families

San Antonio: Magic for Families
By Kaleel

There’s no question San Antonio, Texas, goes all out for families.

This is the most visited city in Texas, and I would bet from the families I saw and the fun they were having, family travel is a big part of it.

If families could, they’d leave their hearts in San Antonio, I’m sure.

Yes, of course, they have many theme parks and specific family travel favs like the San Antonio Children’s Museum and the Plaza Wax Museum.

There’s SeaWorld and Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

And Kiddie Park is a scaled-down bit of magic for kids typically ages 2 to 6 years.

It’s a place where adults won’t fit in most rides like the “Little Dipper” mini-coaster or the miniature boat ride and little plane and flying saucer rides.

And that’s good!

Especially charming are the old-fashioned snack bar and 1918 antique merry-go-round with hand-carved horses and nostalgic calliope music.

But really, past all that, what makes san Antonio a special place for families are the clean streets, the lure of the River Walk, the richness of its history and the vibrant mix of cultures.

For me, as I experienced the city, seeing the Alamo lighted at night beneath the moon or stumbling upon the little-known El Instituto Cultural de México (Museum of Mexico) or discovering La Villita, a cluster of historic, small art studios and homes, was the authenticity of real family travel…not the often commercialized, pre-packaged family travel of slick resorts or generic family travel.

San Antonio provides pathways for family discoveries – ways in which families can find the city’s hidden Family Travel treasures themselves, like the original Spanish governor’s house or the reputed tombs of the heroes of the Alamo in the beautiful Cathedral of San Fernando.

Of course walking the River Walk with its color and verve is a unique family experience.

Actually it’s a unique experience. Period.

San Antonio has sprinkled the 2 or so mile canal’s winding walkway with hidden waterfalls and secret pockets of flowerbeds and graceful trees.

Colorful umbrellas from the many boutique shops and open-air restaurants add a kaleidoscopic spin and carnival feel to the river.

Taking a boat ride along the canal guided by funny, knowledgeable boatmen is a delightful learning experience.

With 300 days of sunshine and a big heart, San Antonio is a Texas rose worth cultivating, and a family travel destination that should make any family’s short list of must see places to visit.

Don’t expect the Disney approach.

San Antonio trusts families to see and discover for themselves.

Headline: San Antonio an authentic, non-commercial Family Travel destination? We’ll tell you why.


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