“Staycations” + CityPass

By Kaleel

All travelers, and especially families are seeking value-driven vacations.

And not just because the economy is in the pits.

There seems to be a new sense of Community, a desire to get to know one’s own city better: Enter the  “Staycation.”

The Staycation puts a family in the middle of their own city’s cultural and educational back yard, without having to sacrifice fun or spend a lot of bucks going anywhere.

Now, enter the CityPass ticket booklet – thinner than your iPod, and full of at home-grown bargains…or bargains for other vibrant cities you might opt to visit.

The company’s intention is to get travelers as well as locals to enjoy the area’s cultural attractions – and “to draw people throughout the city, to witness its unique neighborhoods, streetscapes and attractions.”

The very good news (besides saving money) is that CityPass lets families avoid ticket lines.

Just hand the pass to the door attendants, and you’re in.

CityPass has a dozen or so cities to choose from.

In New York, for example, attractions include New York includes the Guggenheim Museum, MoMA, Metropolitan Museum of Art & The Cloisters, etc.


Look at the web site for comparisons:

I chose Boston, for an after April 1, 2009 visit.

CityPass gave me five top Boston attractions (Aquarium, Museum of Science, etc) for $44.00 for adults and $28.00 bucks for kids  (3-11), for all five places.

When I did the math for the five attractions separately, the price without the CityPass was $ 79.95
With the CityPass it was: $44.00

Without the CityPass, price for kids was $48..45
With the CityPass it was $28.00

HOWEVER, keep in mind that most attractions allow children under 3 or 4 in for free. So, figure than in too.

But it’s still a significant savings.

The passes are valid for nine days, and include features like insider tips from partner, National Geographic Traveler Magazine, a very reliable source of travel news and information.

CityPass also throws in advice on special places and fun finds, shopping, restaurants, and nightlife.

The web site is easy to understand and very graphics-driven. The CityPass itself comes nicely wrapped. Rather classy.

Sounds like a deal!

Headline: A Staycation is a vacation where you don’t go anywhere, except the middle of your own city. A City Pass is a great way to do it!


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  1. Lakisha says:

    Essays like this are so important to broadening ppeloe’s horizons.

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