Motion Sickness

Beating The Motion Sickness Blues…

By Kaleel

It’s horrible.

Nothing can ruin a trip more than motion sickness.

It’s a dreadful sensation afflicting about 40% of us on planes, trains, busses and boats.

And women experience it more than men.

Thereareover the counter remedies and some prescriptions work well like the motion sickness patch

Butpreventingthe nausea and dizziness is the best approach.

Fine, but how.

Experts suggest:

Focusing on a stationary object in the distance, like the horizon, andnoton objects that move by quickly and closely like a telephone pole or waves.

And keep your head steady during travel.

Use a headrest if you have one.

And seek out areas of “lesser movement” like sitting near the wing on a plane… or near the front of the train.

On a cruise, chose a cabin in themiddleof the ship.

Unfortunately, if you’ve had it before, you’re more likely to get it again.

Any tips from readers?

Headline: The only thing can ruin a trip more than motion sickness. And women experience it more than men.  It’s a dreadful sensation.


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