International Phones for Cheap

International Phones For Cheap

By Kaleel

Texting home from say Italy or Mexico costs between 25-35 cents per text message, and the messages reach the intended party just as quickly as if the recipient were in the same town, around the corner. Usually.

But, if you really need to talk to someone, the company I have been using for many years (before anyone actually knew about it) is Mobal Communications, a United Kingdom company with uncommonly cooperative and helpful staff

They offer a Nokia 3310 with battery and international travel charger for $49.00.

The phone works in 130 countries and there’s no monthly charge. Customers pay only for the calls they make or receive, and the number that’s assigned to them is theirs forever.

You can’t use it in the States, and if you’re in the UK, talking to a party in the UK, only local charges apply.

Mobal said they would consider a discount for members, but I said I wasn’t sure they’d be a sufficient demand.

If the Parenthood community is interested, leave me a comment and I’ll bring the topic up again with the Mobal folks


Kaleel 888-888-9162

Headline: Texting home from Italy or Mexico costs between 25-35 cents.  But need to talk to someone?  One company’s international phones are cheap!


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