Travel With Homeless Pets

Travel ‘n Homeless Pets

by Kaleel Sakakeeny

Green Earth Travel has announced two trips to Southern Utah and the Grand Canyon that offer a unique (and sweet) experience for animal lovers!

Green Earth Travel has a camping on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River that includes two days of caring for homeless pets at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah May 26-31 and August 10-15, 2009.

This is their second year partnering with Best Friends, with an option of taking care of a dog overnight on a “sleep over.”

Donna Zeigfinger, Green Earth Travel Founder and CEO,  told us that giving back while vacationing is not just a trend. “It is the wave of the future.”

Past participants give high marks to Green Earth Travel.

73 year-young Pat Doumas had wanted to visit Best Friends but doesn’t drive. So having the logistics taken care of was the way to go for her.

Lang Parker (an actress in Last Comic Standing) of Minnesota grew up with animals and says she really enjoyed taking care of them, on the trip. “I loved putting my face up to theirs,” she said.

I asked Lori Bernath of Best Friends if having strangers have a “sleep over” with the pets does more harm than good for the pet and the human. Might it be confusing?

She said not at all. “Best Friends has 500 or so animals (dogs, cats and pot bellied pigs) that need to be adopted and this program is invaluable. It helps make our animals more easy to adopt and it’s terrific.”

Trips include meals, camping gear and transfers from Las Vegas to Best Friends, continuing to the North Rim and back to Las Vegas with home-on-wheels buses from the Adventure Bus Company.

Trip fare is gourmet vegetarian food.

Why not?!

For more information, the web site is rather touching and friendly:


Headline: want to save a pet while you travel? Of course! Read more


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