Parents Drugging Their Kids on Planes

Would you Drug your Child on a Fight?

It’s very disturbing.

A recent Wall Street Journal article highlighted the issue of parents drugging their kids.

No, they weren’t drugging them for nothing.

They were drugging them in the hopes that flying with them would be less bothersome for the kids, the parents, flight attendants and we assume fellow passengers.

The drug of choice is Benadryl.

And while it calms the kids, it’s awakened others to what seems an abusive practice.

“What kind of parent sedates his child?” asked one irate critic.

To which one mother replied, it’s the right thing to do for everyone involved in the flight.

Incredibly the medical profession has no opinion on the matter. Whne we caalled a national pediatric center and spoke to two pysicians, they neither endorsed the practice or condemmed it.

And we find that position irresponsible.

And we find the idea a bit frightening.

The Travel Video PostCard on the subject below carries many passionate response frrom parents and even kids. Check them out.

So we have complaints against allowing children to fly in first or business class

Now we have sedating children on flights.

Perhaps the next step is not to have kids at all.

Would you sedate your child on a flight? Tell us! →→

Headline: Would you drug your child on a flight to keep them calm? Domestic violence? Many parents do. Read more


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